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me? an artist? no. im not an artist. im a drawer. [slides open]

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ihavenolifethanks asked: окей, вас определенно взломали :О

лол а что там, спам?

Title: Maps (Acoustic Version) Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs 146,573 plays

Maps (Acoustic Version) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Wait, they don’t love you like I love you.

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both of us

sorry for not posting for so long
I don’t know how but Im in relationship with a chinese guy from my school, also studies and bunch of other things didn’t give me enough time for my hobbies, hope that soon I can join everyone again

happy new year!


hamster-like candy 


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Anonymous asked: Фен, как ты завиваешь свою великолепную нэповскую волосню?

оно само