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cheese with edible flowers

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Reading some fanfics yesterday got me thinking about some shipping things…

I mainly read HeavyMedic where relationships usually have the same dynamic and from story to story not much changes, most of the times the setting and the plot vary rarely, compared to other pairings in the fandom.

Then I remembered a quote from Anna Karenina, the first line in the book says,

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” (Dostoevskiy) 

I think this is a perfect example here, probably the reason more people favour ships like SniperSpy since it’s more exciting to read a story with bunch of stuff happening where relationship dynamic can change at any second and well I don’t know what else really, I haven’t read that much of it

so I guess it’s alright and well, but Im still kind of upset

I guess today I’ll try to search for some AU things 

Sorry if I offended someone or I made some mistakes, sorry

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papa bear protectin the mama bird

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I finished watching the Orange is New Black

At first I wnated to celebrate it by drawing the girls but the scene where O’Neil plays ukelele banjo to nuns was too adorable so I just did a thing suddenly

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Me and a friend from my city spent the last week in St-Petersburgh meeting with lots of cool people!

I really wich I could stay there more…but nevermind

I got to meet with bolkov torsh meje begaka frenzy lots of other peeps to! Also the cute artist couple… 

And like I got to touch alonsie’s sketchbook and cry over heavymedic adorable sketches

idk it was pretty cool I can’t wait to meet everyone again someday….

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my friend asked me to post this idk

ahhh finally you posted it!!!

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